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I have been working with Robb Beams for several years now. It has been a wonderful experience for me! I live about 2 hours away from Robb so I cannot always see him but I get a program for my next week emailed to me every weekend so I am ready to go for the next week! Then during the week I am in constant contact with Robb with any questions or help. If I am not available or I am not clear on anything Robb will also work with my parents to make sure I am following the right path! When things dont seem to be working for me I meet with Robb and he has redesigned my program to fit MY needs! If I have been injured or I am not feeling my best I know I can call Robb and he will help get me through it. His knowledge of athletes and training is wonderful and everyday I trust that I am getting the best possible workout I can! I have recommended my fellow athletes to Robb in the past and I will continue to do so, I feel that part of my success is due to having Robb on my team.

Ashley Fiolek/Factory Honda-RedBull

I was 39 years old when I started racing motocross again after a 20-year hiatus from riding. After one season of racing again, I decided to pursue a dream I had as a kid - go to Loretta's. I enlisted the services of AEM, a local pro as a riding coach, and qualified for both the 30+ and 40+ classes (as well as winning state championships in 3 classes at the local level). AEM's program works! Robb and his team know exactly what it takes to compete at the highest level of amateur motocross. I was physically and mentally prepared when I arrived at Loretta Lynn's, and at age 40 I was in the best shape of my life. There is no question that I would not have accomplished what I did in 2009 without AEM's program.

Chris Hammond

“I started working with Robb back in 2007. It was after a weekend where I almost passed out racing motocross from being over trained and under fed. I knew I had to change my program so we found Robb/AEM in Florida not to far from where we were training. Immediately after hearing him talk about fitness I knew it was going to be good. He taught me so much on nutrition and fitness and still is. with his help I was able to progress and race as a pro until the end of 2010, due to injuries is why I decided to be done. I am now getting into iron man distance triathlons and ultra marathons with the help from Robb/AEM. He has always gave me the confidence and is always willing to listen. He always said, train smarter not harder, I now live by that. Cant say enough about the fitness/nutrition program, and Robb himself. A big family man that’s very easy to talk to. Thank you Robb/AEM and Family for giving up time so he could travel with me and help me pursue my dreams. Much respect and love.?

Spencer- Minne-sooooo-tah………….

Robb, I know that this program has been helping me out. When I got on the bike I felt stronger, and my endurance was much better than the start of last season. I was able to move the bike around better, helping my body position, and in return reducing lap times. I was able to ride longer, and train harder than all of my buddies that came down with me. One of my racing competitors could barely hold on to the bike the last day, and I felt fine. Your training schedule that you have been sending out, I feel. has been preparing me well for the upcoming season, and I am very excited for our racing series to start. Thank you.

Bradley Link

My name is Travis McGill I have just started using your program. I wanted to let you know I won my class in the film industry race at A Day In The Dirt last weekend! I just wanted to thank you for giving me a pathway to focus my attention in order to get faster and I cant wait to start the 2010 season with you!

Thanks again, Travis

I would like to thank you for giving me as well as everyone one else on the program this opportunity to work with you. It really helped me in the last races of my season, as I got my best results of the year on your program.

Ryan Frerichs