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While working with these riders, I have seen riders struggle with the following performance elements as they handle high speed tracks:

  • Muscular Strength: with the increased height and power, the strength & power necessary to ride the motorcycle, verses being ridden by the motorcycle

  • Muscular Endurance: with deteriorating conditions and non stop obstacles, the necessary endurance to charge all the way to the end of the race (regardless of the race duration or race conditions)

  • Body Balance: with high levels of horsepower, creating the strength necessary to maintain proper body position without losing control of the bike in the corners or while accelerating hard

  • Flexibility: with faster speeds comes the need for optimized flexibility to handle the impact of hitting the ground without breaking a bone or tearing attachments due to tight muscles

  • Nutrition: with faster speeds comes the need for stabilized blood sugar levels to handle the mental process of increased speed and quicker body transitions throughout the track

Without these elements being developed in a systematic format, the rider experiences imbalances on the bike which results in improper body position on the motorcycle, slow cornering, delayed transitions from the gas onto the brakes and visa versa. With the Complete Racing Solutions program, these frustrations will be eliminated once and for all.

The Complete Racing Solutions 100% Guarantee:

If you don't experience one or all of the following while training with the Complete Racing Solutions program, coach Robb will refund 100% of your program fees back to you!

  • Improved opening lap speed
  • Improved range of motion (pre and post injury)
  • Improved energy levels to avoid late moto fatigue
  • Improved body position associated with enhanced overall strength levels

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Your Complete Racing Solutions Program Includes:

  • Nutritional counseling: evaluate current diet; develop performance menus to reduce body fat, enhance lean muscle tissue and off set the affects of dehydration

Unlimited access to Coach Robb's Racer Resource Center:

  • How to instructional videos covering sport specific subjects like stretching, weight training, plyometrics and more!

  • Motocross specific eBooks like "How Strength Training Helps Improve Speed" and many more!

  • Motocross specific articles covering subjects like "Race Day Mental Preparation" and many more!

  • Unlimited access to the Racers Corner Blog to post your specific questions about anything moto related which is moderated two times a week directly by coach Robb

Flexibility program: determining range of motion limitations and develop moto specific stretching exercises to establish optimum range of motion for power and endurance

Psychology program: develop and maintain a comprehensive mental program for optimum training & racing results

  • Receive the Complete Racing Solutions Newsletter full of training tips and suggestions

  • Unlimited Email conversations

  • Over $300 in partnership discounts on products and services!

Help you establish & maintain your Coach Robb Progress Report which includes:

  • Heart Rate Training Zones: to optimize your performance efforts and burn the unwanted fat reserves

  • Body fat evaluation: initial assessment and tracking tools to evaluate throughout the season

  • Strength assessments: initial assessments to determine your weight lifting levels throughout the season

  • Field testing: consistent measuring tools to track your progress within your training and racing sessions

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